"Jeff Engel's photography is the pinnacle of photography. 

If it weren't for photography like his, many places wouldn't have been known to exist."


                           -Garry Bakic

                          Crivello's Camera Center

Whiteout Snowstorm in Colorado in June

About Jeff Engel

​Nature and Wildlife Photographer





Nature and Wildlife Photographs

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South African Photo Safaris

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we are able to offer you outstanding photographic opportunities and many amenities

Seminars and Appearances

Jeff Engel is available to present lectures or seminars on a variety of subjects from photography to turkey calling. 

Nature Series DVDs

Available for purchase on this website.  Beautiful scenes set to serene music to calm your soul and satisfy your senses.

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Photographer & Videographer

Jeff is an award-winning nature/wildlife photographer and videographer who has a sincere appreciation for the awesome beauty of nature and an eye for capturing it.

​​​​​​Motivational and Informative

Jeff's degree in Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, combined with his personal knowledge and experiences, have made him a proven, effective, sincere and enthusiastic speaker who captivates his audiences.  He is well known for his informative seminars where he often involves the audience.

Effective Speaker

Jeff Engel is an award-winning nature and wildlife photographer, nationally known television personality and co-author of an Amazon best-seller book.  He has actively promoted outdoor education, ethics, and conservation worldwide throughout his lifetime, and he enjoys sharing his experiences and talents with others.  

​Jeff has been on television networks such as the Outdoor Channel, ABC, CBS, PBS, and FOX to discuss animal behavior and nature. Additionally Jeff has hosted an award winning outdoor adventure television series entitled "Engel's Outdoor Experience." As host of this exciting television series, Jeff has filmed as far North as the Arctic Circle, as far South as South Africa, as far West as New Zealand, and as far East as Africa.

Accomplished Outdoor


Jeff has travelled the world mastering the art of nature photography and promoting conservation.

He has a sincere passion for capturing and creating unique and amazing images, and captures Nature at just the right moment and from just the right angle.

Whether you're looking for beautiful photographs of nature and wildlife for purchase, or you would like guidance in being your own photographer on a photo safari, Jeff can make it happen for you.  

Wouldn't a South African Photo Safari be a great family vacation or honeymoon? It is all about enjoying the experience.

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